"SLO French Chef"

Serving San Luis Obispo and the California Central Coast

Chef Chez Vous

Mais oui, at your house ! You have your own private chef to create and cook up dishes that your guests will enjoy and remember. Chef José Dahan will work with you to plan a menu that is délicieux!


Usually the menu will reflect seasonal delights. For example, autumn tables feature duck, sockeye salmon, lobster tail along with squash, corn, and rack of spring lamb (eh bien, it’s spring somewhere). And everybody loves exquisite desserts.


An international menu with Spanish appetizers, a French main course, and American dessert–or another combination–is a possibility.


For an especially entertaining evening, you may wish to include a cooking lesson (in French, Spanish, or English) that covers the whole meal or just one of the courses. Learn, chat, cook, eat, and enjoy every moment.


So dinner only or dinner with a cooking lesson–either way, it’s conviviality par excellence!

Cooking Lessons

Chef José will come to your home to give a cooking lesson. You work with him to discuss the menu which usually consists of soup or salad, a main course, and dessert. You organize the class of your friends and your friends’ friends (a dozen of them total), and you collect the tuition (usually $65 per person).
Whether you fancy seafood, beef, pork, or lamb not to mention vegan, organic, gluten free,  a cooking class can be designed especially for you and your entourage. Cooking is an enjoyable way to spend quality time with your friends and family as you learn secrets of the culinary arts from your own personal chef whose stories may reveal a few other secrets as well.
Contact Chef José to get started: (805) 544-FOOD (3663).
By the way: You choose the language for the class: French, Spanish, English…or a combination!



Visitors from all over the world come to San Luis Obispo to see the local vineyards and taste their fine wine. The possibilities are exciting and abundant.

Chef José can help you set up a wine tour. You hire the car and invite your guests to join you. Chef José will develop a vineyard itinerary and make a few phone calls to his buddies in the business. The vintners will be expecting you, and you will have a wonderful time tasting and talking about grapes, barrels, vintages, and more….

It’s worth the small fee Chef José charges to make the most out of your wine tour.